Fethai Compendium

The Prioran Uprising: Aftermath

The Broken Kingdom, prologue

It has been eleven years since the Prioran Uprising and the death of the terrorist Priorus.

Queen Gardenia Fortis struggles to keep her country together as more and more resistance factions and splinter cells of The People’s Key arise, continuing their insurrection against the monarchy’s rule.

Among her own nobles and governors, Gardenia’s failures to keep the peace appear a marker of weakness, and some have begun to plot a coup d’état, believing they could better rule the broken kingdom. Because of the threatening presence of the Seven Keepers of the Throne, who ensure the safety of the Monarch and preservation of the monarchy’s institutions, these rebel lords have resorted to hiring mercenaries to weaken the Queen’s already perilous position.

In the meantime, small groups of magisters and fanatical cults are appearing across the country in response the the death of magic across the continent after the Prioran Uprising, attempting to restore magic to the land through pacts with their otherworldly masters. However, these groups have failed to realize the full extent of the damage that Prirorus and his follwers wrought upon Cartas and the evils that they unleash by making their deals with devils, as each successful magical awakening brings more and more monsters and magical beasts to Cartas— beasts that were vanquished, long before the age of men, by the orcs of Cartas centuries ago.

In response to these many horrors, Queen Gardenia has issued a decree of conscription to all able and loyal Cartans, requesting their aid to quell the many threats the country now faces. Reinforced in number with new conscripts, the 14th “Vermilion” Company has been dispatched far west, to the desert at the base of the Shernat Mountains, where demons and the undead flood from ancient orcish burial grounds. Among them, four new conscripts—a gnome, a dwarf, a halfling, and a half-orc—have been sentenced to enter one of these forbidden tombs, that they put a stop to the evil that now pours from its stone gates.

Laedei, 12 Garvus 242NE


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