Altus Cerasus III

The Blood King of Cartas, whose madness nearly destroyed a nation


Full Name & Title: His Royal Majesty, King Altus Tridan Cerasus III, Who Ruled For The Old Gods Whose Names Are Now Forgotten and was to the Throne of Altus Cerasus I, First True King of Cartas
Race: Human (Cartan)
Age at Death: 78
Date of Birth: 1 Priorus 51NE
Date of Death: 28 Rassus 129NE
Reign: 3 Ena 65NE – 28 Rassus 129NE
Preceded by: Altus Cerasus II
Succeeded by: Laurel Fortis

Known to everyone as the Blood King of Cartas, King Altus Cerasus III suffered from a serious madness that caused the deaths of several hundred thousand Cartans during the so-called “Blood Reign of Altus III.” Altus III’s father, Altus II, died when he was only 14, causing the younger great grief and suffering. He turned to the Old Gods to find answers, and eventually became so obsessed with the religion that he instituted Cartas’s first state religion, executed open non-believers, outlawed any non-divine magic, burned any art, literature, or even buildings that he felt were “sinful” or “ill-inspired”, halted immigration from “pagan lands,” and imposed mandatory curfews, among other acts that nearly crumbled Cartas over Altus III’s 64-year reign. When paranoid and aged Altus III finally died in 129NE, there were celebrations across the continent that lasted for weeks on end; in Laurel’s Hope, there is still a one-week holiday celebrating Altus III’s death, although it is officially in celebration of his successor, his niece Queen Laurel Fortis.

Altus III was the first Cartan monarch to use the King’s Spire as a seat of power. By tradition, he is buried in Kingsgrave, near Everspring, in the royal tomb built during his rule.


Altus Cerasus III

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