Gardenia Fortis

A blunt sharpshooter with no time for the trivialities of the throne.


Full Name & Title: Her Royal Majesty, Queen Gardenia Arya Cerasus Fortis, Master of Machinery and Firearm and Heir to the Throne of Altus Cerasus I, First True King of Cartas
Race: Human (Cartan)
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 9 Priorus 212NE

Queen Gardenia Fortis is the quiet and calculating ruler of Cartas, claiming the throne after the deaths of her mother Queen Forsythia Fortis and her eldest brother Prince Lotus Fortis and the immediate abdication of her brother Former Prince Narcisssus Fortis. Though fiercely intelligent and wise, Gardenia is terrible with the public, and does everything she can to avoid the spotlight.


Childhood and youth (212NE – 231NE)

As a youth, Gardenia never anticipated to assume the throne, and spent most of her days in her workshop, tinkering with devices and practicing her sharpshooting skills. The opposite of a royal figure, the young Princess Gardenia often ventured into the streets of Everspring without an escort and unmarked by royal emblems or attire, caked in grease, oil, and ash from the day in the workshop. Despite being well known around the city markets as a generous and regular customer, she was rarely, if ever, recognized as a member of the royal family.

Unlike her brothers, who were educated abroad in the Old World, Gardenia remained in Everspring for her entire youth, educated by blacksmiths, machinists, and gunslingers from all across the nation. She also received thorough education in mathematics, swordplay, etiquette, and languages well into adulthood.

Ascendancy (231NE – 232NE)

When Gardenia was made to assume the throne at the age of 19, she was so unknown among the public that some believed her to be a pretender, and her first several months of leadership were challenged by the ongoing efforts to eradicate completely the remnants of The People’s Key and The Free Cartan Empire. Supported in public by her limelight-loving brother Narcissus, she came to be recognized and adored by the public for her rejections of glamour and frivolity and praised for soundly defeating the terrorist forces of the Prioran Uprising.

Continued insurrection and rebuilding of Cartas (232NE – Present)

Despite ascending to great popularity, Gardenia’s ability to govern quickly came into question as her priorities shifted away from defeating terrorist forces and into rebuilding a nation broken by civil war. In addition to structural and economic damage done to many of the country’s largest cities, the detonation that destroyed Everspring also left the country largely dead to magic, leaving many without skills or jobs. Some of the country’s magical infrastructure, like Mages’ Guilds that magically transported goods for small fees, were now unable to function, compounding the damage done. As a ruler with no magical inclinations herself, many felt Gardenia was unable to relate to their problems, and some even believed that she had the power to restore magic if she chose to do so, but refused

Though Gardenia was able to defeat most of the forces fighting the monarchy during the Prioran Uprising, the task was largely possible due to the death of their leader, Priorus. Eventually, new leaders, many claiming to be top advisers to Priorus, arose and began leading small cells of terrorists against the crown, though none to any large success. These small attacks, however, often hit local dukes and lords the hardest, causing many to grow disenfranchised with the Queen’s ability to govern. Before long, mercenary groups funded by the nobility also began to strike against the throne to mixed success.

In 240NE, attempts by religious cults and rogue mages to restore magic to Cartas began to grow in number, causing significant damage to the areas that they targeted. In addition to magical damage, monsters like those of ancient Cartas began to appear in the affected areas, attacking locals and infrastructure. In 241, the threat grew large enough that Gardenia initiated a conscription effort to enlist soldiers to track down and execute the responsible parties and shut down the sources of the monsters’ attacks.

Gardenia Fortis

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