Lorelei Fortis

An abrasive but dignified teenage rebel with a quick wit and quicker blade.


Full Name: Lorelei Camellia Cerasus Fortis
Race: Human (Cartan)
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 10 Krinus 211NE
Date of Death: 19 Krinus 231NE

Lorelei Fortis was the niece of Queen Forsythia Fortis and daughter of Aster Fortis. She was a trained swashbuckler with experience and training well past her years; she was particularly rebellious and serious, envisioning herself as the next great Queen of Cartas. As all monarchs and would-be monarchs of Cartas, she had brown hair and blue eyes; she stood just under six feet. She was the spitting image of her aunt, the former queen Forsythia, as a youth.

She was killed in 231NE in the destruction of Everspring, at the end of the Prioran Uprising.


Lorelei Fortis

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