Lotus Fortis

A suave and beloved bachelor Prince with a fierce command of the blade.


Full Name & Title: His Royal Majesty, First Prince Lotus Altus Cerasus Fortis, Now Slain
Race: Human (Cartan)
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 13 Altus 203NE
Date of Death: 9 Krinus 221NE

Once considered the pride of the Democratic Monarchy of Cartas, Prince Lotus Fortis was the firstborn child of Queen Forsythia Fortis and a renowned fighter. Said to bear the very likeness of King Altus Cerasus I, the First King of Cartas, it was widely believed—in certain circles—that Lotus would ascend to the throne and bring in an era of untold prosperity. It is expected that he would have succeeded his mother upon her death, had he not met an unfortunate end in the Battle of Everspring. After Lotus and Forsythia’s deaths, Lotus’s younger brother, Narcissus, abdicated his claim to the throne to mourn and to focus on his art in seclusion, leaving the youngest sibling, Gardenia, to rule Cartas.

When his mother entered into seclusion, the Cartan military was handed over to Lotus for the anti-terrorist front against The People’s Key and The Free Cartan Empire.

In personality, Lotus could be overly-confident in his abilities, but was generally justified in his confidence. He was highly skilled in combat, and almost exclusively used a Cartan Defending Spear. That confidence, however, led him to his death at the hands of Savus, Zanus, and Anton Kovacs, agents of the The Free Cartan Empire.


Lotus Fortis

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