Oren Abel

A famous author and former child adventurer beloved by his hometown.


Full Name: Oren Abel
Race: Human (Mixed)
Age: 39
Date of Birth: Krinus, 202NE

Soon to enter his forties, Oren Abel has already seen enough adventure in his lifetime for ten adventurers. Serving as a bard to his adopted father, the dwarf Argo Krommir, at age 10, Oren began his lifetime of adventuring long before most, and has many stories to tell for it–and many have already been turned into exciting novels. Although he spends most of his time on the road, Oren considers Laurel’s Hope, where he grew up in an orphanage in the Blackgarden district slums, to be his home. Oren is the person most widely associated with the Guild of the White Blade, and is possibly the only person who actually uses the name for the loose association of adventurers he has encountered in his life.


First Nihlin Conflict

At age 12, in 214NE, Oren was actively involved in his father’s quest against a band of murderous cultists worshipping a shadow deity named Nihlin. Made stronger by the faith of his followers, Nihlin eventually grew strong enough to be summoned into the material plane by an Elf who had come to be known as his Prophet, named Aurélien. Unbeknownst to Oren and his father, Argo, this Prophet had been traveling with them under a pseudonym for over a month; when Argo discovered this, he confronted Aurélien and was promptly slain. One month later, Aurélien summoned Nihlin to Castle Klargas in Laurel’s Hope, where Oren witnessed a group of adventurers beat the deity back into its own plane of existence, along with Aurélien. Oren later adapted his memories of this event into his first novel, Staring into Darkness. It was a commercial and critical failure.

The Second Nihlin Conflict

In 231NE, Oren wrote of what he called the ‘Second Nihlin Conflict,’ the return of Aurélien and the cult that worshipped Nihlin. He claimed that they were responsible for the damage to Laurel’s Hope and Everspring the previous year, and had been vanquished by a mysterious, unheard of band of adventurers. His book was widely panned as absurd, but did little to harm the bard’s already tumultuous reputation for telling the truth; with tales as often embellished as Oren’s, most people tend to assume he invents all but the broadest strokes of his tales.

The Prioran Uprising

During the Prioran Uprising, Oren spent most of his time at home—and later wrote of this as one of his largest regrets. Limited in exposure to the Uprising, Oren began interviewing friends and reaching out to witnesses as soon as late 231NE to compile what would become The Prioran Uprising: A Retrospective, a dense, thousand-page read on the terrorist movement that took him three years to write and edit. His research on the Uprising inspired him to write Phoenix and Leviathan: Tales from the Prioran Uprising, a collection of fictional short stories released in 238NE.

As an author

Although his first book, Staring Into Darkness, was a monumental failure, Abel saw his attention grow favorable with the publication of When One Goes East, a guidebook on the continent of Vedita filled with anecdotes and stories of his travels. He has continued releasing guidebooks in this style, alongside his other works, to world acclaim and renown. In his home city of Laurel’s Hope, he is a celebrated local hero for his adventures and his literary prowess.

  • Staring Into Darkness, autobiographical fiction (220NE)
  • When One Goes East, anecdotal guide book (221NE)
  • The Shattered Mirror and other True Stories, autobiographical fiction (222NE)
  • When One Goes West, anecdotal guide book (224NE)
  • The Gnome Prince, fiction (224NE)
  • Defying Death, autobiographical fiction (225NE)
  • The Lands Where No Compass Points, anecdotal guide book (226NE)
  • Onward Against The Light of the Sun, fiction (227NE)
  • When One Finds Home, anecdotal guide book (228NE)
  • With Eyes Blinded By the Sight of the Sea, fiction (229NE)
  • A New Darkness, autobiographical fiction (231NE)
  • The Modern Velii’aesa, translation and commentary (229NE)
  • The Desert Man and Other Orcish Folktales, collected folktales (230NE)
  • I Thought I Heard The Phoenix Singing, fiction (230NE)
  • Cuisine of the Errant Desert, cookbook (234NE)
  • The Prioran Uprising: A Retrospective, nonfiction (235NE)
  • My Queen: The Life of Forsythia Fortis, nonfiction (236NE)
  • Phoenix and Leviathan: Tales from the Prioran Uprising, historical fiction (238NE)

Oren Abel

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