Tridan Klargas I

The charming but generally helpless former Lord of Laurel's Hope.


Full Name & Title: Duke Tridan Dialo Klargas I of Laurel’s Hope
Race: Human (Cartan)
Age at Death: 71
Date of Birth: 9 Garvus, 163NE
Date of Death: 10 Garvus 234NE

Remembered as a man who often tripped over his own feet but was, thankfully, usually sitting down, Duke Tridan Klargas was the second cousin of Queen Forsythia Fortis, who was reigning monarch of Cartas for most of the latter half of his life. Although he managed to maintain his royal image of dignity in front of his constituency, those with even the slightest hint of knowledge of nobility know that Duke Klargas was the black sheep of the extended royal family, despite always meaning well and attempting to do the right thing. Although he once had vibrant black hair, he had long since grayed when he passed in 234NE; he was succeeded by his son, Tridan Klargas II, and his grandson, Duke Tridan Klargas III.


Tridan Klargas I

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