Valo Drant

A gaunt Nadesian native and well-spoken charmer. His wife's keeper.


Full Name & Title: Sir Valo Thoren Drant, Knight of the Cartan Throne
Race: Human (Nadesian)
Age: 62
Date of Birth: 13 Ena 180NE

A born charmer, Sir Valo Drant is universally beloved by the people of Cartas despite his Nadesian heritage. Husband of the reserved Camellia Fortis, Valo is the closest thing that the Royal Family has to a patriarch after the reserved Aster; Valo has served as a public face for the Royal Family since the early days of Queen Forsythia Fortis’s reign, and continues to serve as such well into his old age.

Although he is quite the charmer, he does little else of note but look after his daughter, Duchess Iris Drant, who is now far too old to require the constant attention he gives her.


Valo Drant

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