Wildflower Fortis

A royal hermit who has not been seen or heard from in thirty years.


Full Name: Wildflower Lana Cerasus Fortis
Age: 50
Date of Birth: 14 Garvus 180NE
Date of Death: 2 Priorus 231NE

Although first in line to the throne and sister to Queen Forsythia Fortis, Wildflower Fortis had not been seen or heard for nearly thirty years when she was found in 231NE, shortly before her death. Most presumed she had died much earlier, though she was never removed from the list of royal successors. In portraits done of her in her early twenties, she appears to have brown hair and blue eyes, as the rest of the Royal Family, and a gentle face. She studied Elean tradition and literature before and presumably after her self-exile.


Wildflower Fortis

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