A mysterious master of twin blades


Real Name: Unknown
Race: Unknown (presumed Human or Elf)
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: 19 Krinus NE (presumed)

Savus was the name Priorus gave to a member of his elite council, a member of The Free Cartan Empire and a presumed member of The People’s Key. Although little is known about Savus, his actions widely reflected his namesake, often accused and suspected of assassinations and murders across Cartas. Although the identity of the man under the mask is still unknown, Savus’s signature helmet once graced the #2 position of the Cartan Most Wanted list, just under Priorus himself. His helmet bore the likeness of a sharp-eared hound or doberman, ears pointed back as if poised to attack, similar to Garvus’s helmet; in Elven mythology, domesticated dogs, especially dobermans and other sharp-eared dogs, are associated with the mythological Saven the Avenger, the hunt, and the elderfey, who are said to be the original sires of elves.


1 Lana 231NE – 1 Krinus 231NE

Between the months of Lana and Krinus 231 NE, Savus is believed to have risen to power within The People’s Key and, by extension, The Free Cartan Empire, and committed a chain of assassinations, predominately along the seaboard of Cerasus Isle.

The Assassination of Alphonse Margrave III

Most notably among these, Savus is credited for the assassination of Duke Alphonse Margrave III, the mayor of Autumnember and a distant relative of Queen Forsythia Fortis. Shortly after Margrave’s death on 8 Garvus, armies marching under the black banner of The People’s Key stormed Autumnember and claimed the city in the name of Priorus and The People’s Key.


Although few can be considered close to Priorus, Savus’s position on his council makes it likely that the two were at least familiar with one another. He was also often seen communicating with Siéa Ōthgorèn and Zanus

Shortly before his believed death in Krinus 231NE, he kept the rogue bounty hunter Anton Kovacs, the dwarf fighter Koburn, and the halfling bard Julian as his personal entourage, though, at times, to his visible frustration.


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