A cunning and charming member of Priorus's elite


Real Name: Unknown
Race: Unknown (presumed Human or Elf)
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown

Zanus, ever-hidden by her winglike helmet, is among the elite chosen for Priorus‘s exclusive council. Acting in the manner of her namesake, Zanus is often in charge of cleaning up after battles and assassinating low-profile targets. It is also believed that she runs exclusive, mysterious errands for Priorus. Although her exact purpose within The People’s Key is unclear, she has done enough to earn herself the #7 spot on the Cartan Most Wanted list. Zanus’s winged helmet appears to be influenced by the mythological Zaiji, a bird of prey associated with the ambiguity of morality and the occasional necessity of killing; like Zaiji and PriharĂ©, Zanus’s helmet bears resemblance to Priorus’s own.



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