Elven Calendar

The Elven Calendar has been used for thousands of years to keep track of time according to the Elven constellations. The ten months follow the order of the Elven zodiac, as described in the The Velii’aesa. Each month consists of four 7-day weeks for a total of 28 days. In the year 242 New Era, each week begins on Sadei; the next leap year, adding a 29th day to the last month Rassus, is in 244 New Era.

Order of the weekdays

1. Sadei
2. Ludei
3. Madei
4. Wedei
5. Laedei
6. Vendei
7. Fendei

Order of the months

1. Priorus
2. Lana

3. Altus
4. Ena
5. Garvus

6. Savus
7. Krinus
8. Irana

9. Zanus
10. Rassus

Elven Calendar

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