Holy Protectors of Priharé

The Holy Protectors of Priharé (Elven: Priharé’dà’sévàth) are a theological Knighthood that the Elven Hierarchy has maintained from its roots as the Elven Supremacy. Although the Hierarchy embraces religious diversity, it also seeks to protect the roots and integrity of its most traditional religion, Veliité. In this sense, the Holy Protectors of Priharé are both knights and theologians.


The Holy Protectors of Priharé have two main functions. The first function of the Holy Protectors is serving as protectors of the Hierarchy—although they hold no special power as knights, they are a military unit, and are treated as such with high respect, even from the most secular elves. The second purpose is maintaining the texts and interpretations of Veliité to keep its meaning from being distorted over time. The Holy Protectors of Priharé are masters of both pen and sword, making them very deadly. If one has any questions regarding the elven religion, these masters may answer it without hesitation.


Founder: Emperor Valo Thoren (believed)
Founding Date: 2400 OE – 2300 OE
Alignment: Any lawful
Number: ~1300
Distribution: ~1000 (Elven Hierarchy), ~300 (Elven Colonies)
Figurehead: Priat, head of the Church
Leader: Prætat, appointed “Head Knight”
Membership: By request or recommendation

Holy Protectors of Priharé

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